Design walking stick COMFORT BERNSTEIN, anatomical handle, stick made of sturdy light metal, black satin finish, height adjustable, rubber buffer

Artikelnummer 46128-LS

Load capacity: 130 kg
Adjustable: 75 - 100 cm
Weight: 400 g
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During our last visit to the sea, we found some beautiful amber. When we saw them, we had the idea of ​​making a stick handle based on their image. The result is this unique stick with detailed amber imitation.
This aluminum walking stick with a small, amber-colored comfort handle is anatomically shaped (select the carrying side!). The stick with black satin finish is height adjustable and equipped with a suitable rubber buffer.
People have always adorned themselves with amber and this stick is particularly successful.

Anatomically shaped, elegant and comfortable comfort handle (choose the carrying side!)
Imitation amber, highly stable and beautiful in color
Stick made of satin finish in black, aluminum, height adjustable from approx. 75 to approx. 100 cm in length
Suitable for women and men, body weight up to 130 kg.