Folding stick SALVADOR DALI 5-fold foldable, height adjustable, with black pocket and retaining clip

Artikelnummer 4013

Load capacity: 100 kg
Adjustable: 84 - 92 cm
Weight: 291 g
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Walking Stick Folding Stick SALVADOR DALI, comfortable acrylic Derbygrip in brown, finely shimmering in the light. Mounted on a stick made of sturdy light metal, which folds 5 times and is equipped with a precious jewelry ring. Height adjustable from 84-92 cm, including slim rubber buffer, clip and bag.

Very chic, modern design inspired by the famous namesake
comfortable derby handle made of brown acrylic, aluminum stick, very light
5 foldable, small pack size, suitable transport bag and retaining clip for safe stowage.
height adjustable from 84 cm to 92 cm, load capacity up to 100 kg body weight
safe, non-slip rubber buffer made of special rubber