Will my stock arrive until Christmas?

We will ship your order by December 23rd latest. Usually the standard shipping takes about 1-2 business days. Engraving or stock lengths do not delay this. If you wish to send an express delivery you can select this in the order process. We recommend this shipping method.

Will my stock still arrive in Europe until Christmas?

The shipping times to European countries, especially AT / CH, are somewhat longer before Christmas. We recommend the latest by 19.12. to order.

What EXPRESS shipping options do I have?

  •   EXPRESS DPD until 8.00 EUR (delivery guaranteed on the following day Mon.-Fri)
  •   EXPRESS DPD 12.50 EUR (delivery guaranteed on the following day Mon.-Fri.)
  •   EXPRESS DPD Saturday Delivery 12,50 EUR
  •   All EXPRESS orders must be received by us no later than 12 noon on the day before.


The designated cane is available in 94 cm from stock. How can i get the right length?

All canes made of wood can be shorten with a usual slitting saw very easily by yourself. But you can also choose an individual length from our select list and then we will shorten the cane for you. For that you have to pay a low extra charge. See here.

The cane should be a surprise and i cannot take the length, is there a rule of thumb? 

If ou cannot take the length and you don't want to short the stick by yourself, then you can use this rule of thumb: body height in cm divided by 2 and then minus 1-2 cm (for example: body height 178 cm ./. 2 = 89cm - 1 cm = cane length 88 cm) This is just an approximate value of a variable and remember please: it's better to use the stick a little bit longer than too short.

I need an oversize cane from more than 94 cm, what can i do?

Overlengths (until ca. 110cm) are for many articles possible, but you have to pay an extra charge of 15,- EUR. Please inform us before you order: E-Mail: info@stockshop.de or hotline: +49 - 561 - 3162235

I want to send the cane as a present to another address. How does that work?

If the article is in the shopping cart, then please give under order step 2 your billing address. At the lower part of the picture you can give the different delivery address. Now we can send the ordered article only with a bill of delivery without any indication of price to the delivery address. We send the invoice by e-mail.

What can i do, when the presentee don't like the cane-gift?

In every case you have got the right of cancellation for 14 days. Please send the cane as a free and good packed packet. Of course we can exchange the cane for another one or you get your money back. For a cost price allowance about 6,95 EUR our shipping service will pick up the packet at your home entry door. Please inform us by e-mail or call the hotline.

What kind of handles can i get and what are the differences between them?

  • The classical "Fritzkrücke", the prototype of the cane.
  • The Fischergrip, developed after the original concept of Dr. Fischer; anatomical formed grip with an extra big hand rest; for an optimale pressure distribution, made of ABS plastic material or cork.
  • The derby, gently rolling handle, with an elegant rounded down head- it even holds hanging above your arm.
  • the comfort derby, especially for a small hand; anatomical formed grip made of an ABS plastic material;for the left or the right side.
  • The roundgrip, the classical cane for walking and hiking.
  • the handfacon, anatomical formed grip with a big hand rest; for the left or the right side.