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Anyone who thinks of walking sticks as an inflexible and bulky object is wrong. On the contrary, this product now offers a variety of capabilities and functions that adapt to every situation in life.

Be it the visual difference in the sense of a tailcoat or knob stick for strolling on festive occasions in contrast to an extremely light carbon stick, which is particularly well suited for longer distances, or the technical differences: the integrated height adjustment and the folding function are particularly noteworthy here . Height-adjustable walking sticks are made of metal or carbon - you can set your own height very individually. With this function, such items are particularly suitable as a first walking stick if you are not yet sure about their length. Foldable walking sticks are particularly useful when travelling. They can be easily reduced to a very small size and fit perfectly in any suitcase or are suitable as hand luggage for transport. The term travel walking stick is no coincidence.

However, many more functions are shown in this category: whether seat sticks, support umbrellas, hiking sticks or drinking sticks, they all have one thing in common: as outdoor products you can be sure of always finding a comfortable place, a place protected from the rain to have or to carry a secret hiding place with the drinking sticks.