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Walking sticks with handles made from the finest materials

Anyone who relies on a walking stick and is looking for a special kind of walking aid has come to the right place in our online shop. In our range we have noble walking sticks ready, which, combined with the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship, become an exclusive companion in everyday life or on special occasions. Equipped with a noble cane, they look particularly elegant and luxurious - perfect as a walking aid for anyone who loves impressive shine!

Many of the walking stick handles from our shop are also made of 925 sterling silver, ebony variants and horn handles. FIRST CLASS includes several components that are not only noticeable in the price, but also in optics, production in manufactories and exclusivity. With their elegant shine, these walking sticks are eye-catchers and add a touch of luxury. Whether to help you cope with everyday life, a leisurely Sunday walk or a festive occasion where silver or its color fits the atmosphere perfectly - with a walking stick with a silver-coloured, silver-plated or sterling-silver handle you show taste and flair in every situation for elegance and a stylish appearance.

Our range of silver sticks

Silver pommel meets walking stick made of polished ebony or high-gloss metal, craftsmanship meets high-quality materials - for a walking stick that is just as valuable to you as real silver! Whether it's a women's walking stick made of mongoi wood with a Derby handle made of silver pewter or a men's walking stick made of ebony with a Fritz handle made of 925/1000 sterling silver - you can buy silver canes in a wide variety of designs and price ranges in our shop. They are used as walking aids in everyday life as well as decorative accessories to match evening wear on a festive occasion.

Sometimes silver-plated and sometimes made of real sterling silver, the handles of folding sticks or walking sticks become glamorous eye-catchers. If you like, you can choose a silver handle with an animal head: owls, dragons, eagles or lions gleam in silver and add a good deal of style and elegance to Knaufstock & Frackstock when the Silberstock is taken for a walk or to the theater. A round hook handle made of silver pewter or real sterling silver looks no less elegant and stylish, but a silver-plated walking stick is usually the more obvious choice for cost reasons. The finely silver-plated, lightly chased handles impress with their detailed decorations and exude a touch of luxury that everyone can afford.