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Colorful walking sticks - wonderfully fresh, flowery and colourful! A real eye-catcher in every season.

True to our motto: "if you have to carry a walking stick, then you don't want to be asked about the reason, but about the beautiful walking stick" we show the most beautiful and colorful items from our range in this category.
Whether colorful walking sticks, flowery walking sticks or patterned walking sticks: in this category you will find our popular classics. But also many new products, because we attach great importance to doing justice to the current color trends and are always on the lookout for new colours, materials and shapes.

Colorful walking sticks can be found in all areas. Folding sticks, height-adjustable walking sticks or wooden walking sticks shine and bright colors. We have a large range of walking sticks with a flower pattern, so that lovers of flowers and strong colors in particular will get their money's worth here. In particular, art reproductions such as our art items are very popular. We have reproductions of some well-known artists such as Bosschaert, Monet or Miró in our range.