Walking Stick Fashion Derby GAUDI, elegant Derbygrip made of acrylic, stick made of sturdy light metal with strong color pattern, height adjustable, rubber buffer

Artikelnummer 3037

Load capacity: 110 kg
Adjustable: 75 - 100 cm
Weight: 294 g
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The name GAUDI stands not only in Spain for a breathtaking architecture and a stylish colourfulness. Above all, you associate geometric patterns in meaningful tones with this artist, just like this cane. With this accessory you can express your strong fashion and extravagant essence

The derby handle made of sturdy cast resin (acrylic) is mounted on a stick made of light metal. The derby handle is provided with a brass jewelry ring. The stick is heightadjustable from 75- 100 cm and has a matching rubber buffer.

Walking Stick Fashion Derby GAUDI

Derby handle and stick with strong pattern, brass jewelry ring

height adjustable from 75 to 100 cm, including rubber buffer