Design walking stick SUPERSOFT ESCORT sturdy and comfortable handle made of plastic with soft rubber material and cushioning pads, mounted on a stick made of sturdy light metal, height adjustable, including special buffer.

Artikelnummer G-40450

Load capacity: 120 kg
Adjustable: 77 - 101 cm
Weight: 390 g
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A particularly sturdy, comfortable handle made of plastic, covered with a soft rubber material and a cushioning pad on the top. Mounted with a chrome jewelry ring on a black anodized shot of light metal, height adjustable from 77 - 101 cm overall length with a special rubber buffer as a conclusion.

An extremely practical walker with a SUPER SOFTEN escort handle
An extremely noble design with chic.
Height adjustable from 77 cm - 101 cm and thus ideally adaptable to your height - aluminum shaft - non-slip rubber foot
Lightweight: 420 grams - Resilient to 120 Kg