Walking stick BIRDEYE ONE, noble grain optics in red-brown tones, derby grip, light metal stick height adjustable from 70 cm to 94 cm, including wrist loop and rubber buffer

Artikelnummer 4223

Load capacity: 100 kg
Adjustable: 70 - 94 cm
Weight: 272 g
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The walking stick BIRDEYE ONE is the optical reference to fine grains in warm red-brown tones. The derby grip fits perfectly to your hand shape and by the height adjustment applicable to almost any height. The stick is made of light metal, which makes the handling very easy. The gold colored jewelry ring combines grip and stick. Including brown wrist loop and rubber buffer.

Graining optics in red-brown tones

Derby grip with brass jewelery ring mounted on highly stable light metal

Height adjustable from 70 cm to 94 cm

including brown wrist loop and rubber buffer

Weight: 272 gr

Suitable for ladies and gentlemen up to 100 kg